Milan meeting, incentive, conference and events

Milan is with no doubts the economical capital of the nation and has an international scenery 

s above see level, the village offers all the facilities of a top sky resort, plus  many opportunities for team building and a great gastronomic scenery. Thanks to its location, Livigno generally grants perfect snow for November to May.   

Being a tax free zone, Livigno offers a wide range of shops and boutiques with fantastic prices, for unforgettable shopping session!

At a glance:

  • Wide choice of Hotel and accommodation

  • Unique ambient  and great atmosphere

  • Plenty activities to do

Distances from major cities:

Malpensa International airports km 275

Milan km 230
Lugano Km 195

Lake Como Km 175
Zurich km 190
Munich Km 270


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